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Frank S. Jardine (Founder/President/Auctioneer)

Frank graduated from Reisch world wide college of Auctioneering in March 1982 and immediately began his career with Montreal Auto Auction.

After only 3 years, Frank successfully opened the Halifax-Dartmouth Auto Auction in May of 1985 and was the hands on general manager responsible for the 350-400 vehicles sold weekly. During this same period, Frank was sent to Winnipeg as a special project coordinator to open the Winnipeg Auto Auction. This auction has grown to host over 1200 vehicles weekly.

In January of 1990, Frank was hired to open the auction now known as Adesa Ottawa. This auction is one of the largest and most successful in Canada offering over 1300 vehicles in its state of the art 5 lane facility.

In April of 1998 Frank's vision of a Weekly Car Auction in Fredericton became a reality. From the initial sale held on April 29, 1998 until now, Jardine Auctioneers has grown to a 68 acre facility offering over 6700 vehicles and registering over 80,000 bidders.

Having dealt with large corporations like General Motors, Chrysler Canada, Ford Credit and several national banks, Frank's 38 years of experience has earned him a solid reputation across Canada in the Auction business.

John C. Jardine, CPPA (Vice-President/Auctioneer)

John began his auction career in June of 1986 at the Halifax-Dartmouth Auto Auction working as a bid spotter and auctioneer apprentice. In November of 1992, after graduating top of his class from Mendenhall School of Auctioneering, John joined the auctioneering team of Adesa Canada; working in Ottawa and Montreal.

In May of 1998, John became Vice-President and General Manager of Jardine Auctioneers Inc. Since this time, Jardine Auctioneer's volume of business has grown over 300%.

John's experience with corporate fleet disposal has earned Jardine Auctioneers contracts with The Government of Canada, NB Department of Transportation, Irving Oil Ltd, Asset Recovery Inc, State Farm Insurance, United General Insurance, Alcool NB Liquor, ARI Canada Ltd, VFC financial services, Harley Davidson Credit, The Greater Fredericton Airport Authority, University of New Brunswick, The City of Saint John, A.C Poirier and Associates as well as many others.

With 34 years experience in the Auto Auction business, John is successful because of his hard work, honesty and dedication to his skill as a professional Auctioneer.

Scheduled Auctions:
Date: 05/31/2022
Time: TUESDAY MAY 31, 2022 AT 12:00 NOON
We are open for business Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm TO REGISTER PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR CATALOG PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW PAST SALES PLEASE CLICK HERE Certain assets in these auctions will require Vendor approval. Payments may be made via Etransfer to accounting@jardineauctioneers.com, Credit Card, debit, cash, company cheque, or bank draft. Once payment is made in full, please contact us in regards to pick up. For more information on selling your vehicle/recreational assets, please contact the office @ 506-454-4400


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